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Shaktari Belew

Languages: English
Topics: Effective Groups, Inner Transition, Municipalities in Transition, Resilient Food Systems, Transition Launch
Countries: Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United States
Regions: I'm open to almost all locations. I used to speak fairly good Italian, German, & Spanish, but I haven't practiced for years.

Your trainer/facilitator bio

I was one of the original Transition US Trainers, trained by Sophie Banks and Naresh Giangrande in 2008.  I also started the 12th Transition Town in the US, in Ashland Oregon.

I facilitated Transition Trainings throughout the US for years, coached new TI communities throughout their efforts, helped design workshops, and participated in trainer groups, committees, etc.

On Nov 19th, 2018, I hosted an International Network Call (on Zoom) with Rob Hopkins and Don Hall (of Transition US) that was attended by about 150 Transition Initiatives worldwide.  After it officially ended, a group of about 30 initiatives were so engaged in the topic, that they asked me to continue for another hour.  It was a magically collaborative discussion!

Last year, I also designed and presented a 3-month series of webinars introducing Prosocial tools to Transition US initiatives.  I’m also a Certified Permaculture Instructor, Prosocial Facilitator, Open Space Facilitator, Dynamic Facilitation Facilitator, and have studied many other methodologies.  I was a professor for a global University, teaching and coaching MS degree students in EcoSocial Regenerative Design and have lived in several countries.  I’ve also written several books.

I have been serving on the Transition US Collaborative Design Council and several other national committees for the last 3 years.  It has been exciting to watch the Transition movement evolve over all this time!


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