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Arturo Ruf Caballero

Idiomas: Inglés, Español, Portugués
Temas: Effective Groups, Transition Launch, Transition Talk, Transition Thrive
Países: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico
Regiones: In Latin American countries in general and, if the conditions are met, it may also be in Europe or other places

Biografía de su formador/facilitador

In Bolivia, in 2015, led by Raúl Vélez, one of the facilitators who has contributed the most to the expansion of the transition movement in Latin America, I co-facilitated my first Launch Training in Samaipata (Bolivia) where I resided and then a transition initiative was formed of which I was the promoter and coordinator. From there, I started a tour with Raúl through several Latin American countries (Peru, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Mexico), giving talks and co-facilitating Launch Training and other formats (“From Permaculture to Transition” or “Regenerative Sustainability Journeys”). In 2016 I did the TOT in Chile with Naresh Giagrande and May East and the first Latin American Transition Meeting was also held. In 2017, I was offered the opportunity in Mexico to lead and promote a transition initiative in the Municipality of Jungapeo (which applied for Municipalities in Transition and was a finalist in the top 10) and I was officially part of the Mexican Hub for a year. Since 2018, I have been an official member of the Colombia Hub where I have had several roles, including being a liaison with TN and I am currently a Vision Guardian. I have facilitated also several Launch Trainings in Colombia and Ecuador. That same year we took and coordinated, with Beatriz Arjona, the first online transition in Latin America, with a second version in 2019. I am currently hired by the Transition Network as a contributor, along with a team, to revitalize facilitator trainings and expand the transition movement.



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