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Kirkland in Transition

Last Updated: 358 days ago

Kirkland in Transition is part of a movement to envision and work towards a future of interdependence and cooperation. The Transition Town movement has developed a model for meeting the future as resilient, joyful communities. It envisions people working in their own towns to make their locale as diverse, resilient, and vibrant as possible, creating a local community that will grow more of its own food, generate more of its own power, build houses using local materials, and more (you can find more information about the Transition Town movement at The Transition Town movement has a broad range of interests, including energy, food, transportation, economy, green building, and what it calls “reskilling,” the bringing back of the skills that communities relied on a hundred years ago–not in a sentimental, nostalgic way, but looking forward to combine the best of new technology and the essential skills for living without relying on big corporations and fossil fuel for everything.

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