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Portland 4 the Planet

Last Updated: 159 days ago
Key organisers: 4 Community allotment volunteers: 15 Community Fridge: 21 volunteers and hundreds benefiting from being food waste heroes Refugee Gardening: 8 volunteers and 19 refugees so far (could be hundreds that benefit)
Unconstituted (a group of individuals)
Very Active
  • Community Growing
  • Other food projects
  • Nature
  • Community hub or activities
  • Festivals, fairs or events
  • Community visioning / imagination work
  • Building local networks
  • Wellbeing or Inner Transition
  • Social Justice / Just Transition activities
  • Youth or education projects
  • Share, Repair or reuse
  • Transport
Community Growing: we have an active community allotment that is expanding and gaining popularity. Other food projects: successfully active Community Fridge that started saving food waste in October 2021. We'll be adding a 'Lottie Larder' to our food waste and sharing scheme this year for food growers to share seeds, seedlings, produce, knowledge, a cuppa and a chat to help build friendships. Nature: we planted and maintain 3000 trees. This year we will have projects up and running to restore our shared and precious calcarious grasslands. We organised an eco-fair in 2019 and have attend other fairs with a stand in the years since. Festivals and arts are organised by Bside which Portland 4 the Planet has been involved in hosting an artist at the allotment and running a stall at fairs and contributing with a talk at events like 'Future Portland'. Community visioning: we hosted people's assemblies to harvest ideas for what we can do as a community to address the climate and nature emergency, the outcomes became our action list. We are connected with the other local groups and organisations in a Network called, 'The Portland Forum'. Wellbeing: the volunteering activities we provide are very beneficial to participants mental and physical wellbeing. Social Justice / Just Transition: we are providing opportunities for the refugees aboard the Bobby Stockholm in Portland Port, to take part in gardening in the Parks, allotment tending and restorative work on our calcarious grasslands. Youth or education projects: we gave talks to schools and ran an environmental school group. We offer the First Portland Scouts an annual experience of food growing at the allotment to gain their gardening badge and because they love it as much as we do. Share, repair or reuse: we have three share sheds of tools and equipment at the allotment and the Lottie Larder will be a central gathering sport to share and reuse items. Energy: we have campaigned for a clean energy solution in place of the proposal for a waste incinerator. Transport: we campaign for people to cycle and walk and take public transport over driving.

Portland 4 the Planet is a sub group of Transition Town Weymouth and Portland in Dorset, UK. Founded in 2019 by Olympic sailor, Laura Baldwin, Portland 4 the Planet hosted people’s assemblies to harvest solutions we could embrace to the climate and nature issues that we face. The outcomes because Portland 4 the Planet’s action list and we set to it, hosting an eco fair, talks, planting 3000 trees, establishing community allotments, organising clothes swaps, establishing a Community Fridge.

In 2024 the group will be setting up a ‘Lottie Larder’ (an attractive looking shed) where allotment holders and garden food growers can share seeds, seedlings, produce, knowledge and have a cuppa and a chat helping to connect people and form friendships.

Portland is also home to a great many refugees living aboard the Bibby Stockholm Barge. A WhatsApp Group has been set up for those wishing to get involved in gardening projects with 19 joining instantly. Once permissions from the Council and refugee council and insurance is in place we will be creating opportunities for refugees to connect with the land they are now residing upon.


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