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Salies de Béarn

Last Updated: 3 days ago
Somewhat Active
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Initiative Salies de Béarn started in oct 2009, after a presentation of transition by two members of the association APQV( protection of the quality of life) to the board. In dec 2009 a steering group was formed, Sylvain Chevalier, Jean François Gaillard, Kitty de Bruin and Piet van Oudenallen. Recently Bernadette Campagne joined the group for a few months. Especially to help with the garden project in the town of Salies. A group (groupe de semence) is formed to exchange ideas and knowledge about gardening, schools were visited to start school garden projects. The mayor asked us to change a piece of land (3000 m2) in a jardin examplaire.We showed 4 times the transition film, in the townhall of Salies three times and in Billère 1 time together with the  AMAP of Gan, Slowfood Bèarn en Tissline64. In sept 2010 we showed the  film solutions locales pour un disordre global, followed by a debate about the relation with transition.

jan 2010 presentation of the transitionproject at the assemblee general, accepted 5th of march first public presentation of the movie en transition for 30 persons 30th of march presentation of the the movie en transition in billere together with slowfood, petits homme de la terre, et Tisslien64, about 40 persons In april again a presentation of transition 1.0 We organised a debate after the movie: solutions locals pour un disordre global, and  more than 12people signed up to form a group de “semences, seeds” to exchange info about gardening, exchanging seeds etc; june  2010 we organised a local market for small producers,in Burgaronne and we had 300 visitors. The 13th of november  we organized at  one of the local wine producers  la fête des vignerons, with accordeon music and the visitors brougt their own home made food. The mayor asked us to exploit a piece of land in the midddle of the town to make it an garden to show old varieties of vetegables. Thats why we started an other association, working closing together with the APQV , Salies de Béarn en Transition For french info see In spring 2011 we did an experiment with growing vegetables in the containers de kiwi and during the summer the agreement for the plot of land was signed with the municipality We will organise again evenings with various themes, and are looking for a clubhouse. 8 october 2011 we organised a “troc des plantes et semences), on a day where more than 40 associations were gathered to present their programs. We showed the plan of the garden and the mission of transition This autumn we will install 40 kiwi containers to start on an old , abandonned railroad station a garden for and by the citizens. The projet community garden is developping
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