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Carmarthen tillsammans

Senast uppdaterad: 156 dagar sedan
CIC (företag med gemensamt intresse)
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Carmarthen Together was set up in August 2022 with the aim of becoming a grass roots community group that not only sets up resilience building initiatives in our area but also provides an umbrella organisation for other groups or individuals who need support in realising their goals.

Our focus is the climate and ecological emergency but we want to find practical ways in which our local community can come together and find ways of living more sustainably.

We are currently focussed on three main projects.

Sero – our Community Environment Centre which provides a high street location for our group and a home for our Repair Cafe, Library of Things and New2U childrens clothes and toy swap. Community Growing – a fledgling group who are about to start planting in various small plots around town and are in negotiation to secure a large growing space on the edge of town, working with our local university UWTSD Water quality – we are undertaking a medium scale citizen science project, again working with the local university, to test the quality of the water in the River Towy and build pressure on both Dwr Cymru and local landowners to improve the quality of our river.

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