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Dido Dunlop

Languages: English
Topics: Effective Groups, Inner Transition, Other, Transition Talk
Countries: New Zealand
Regions: zoom

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Born 1950. Raised in Aotearoa New Zealand, lived in Asia, Britain and Australia.

Art therapist, teacher of Tibetan Buddhism, climate activist, writer, painter, potter.

I lived in ecovillages for eight years, and other intentional eco-communities.

I was part of the group that set up one of the first Transition Towns in New Zealand, 2007, in Kaiwaka. Now I’m with Transition Town Lower Hutt – one of New Zealand’s last remaining Transition Towns groups.

I specialize in Inner Transition. and run groups lasting many years: ecomeditation, and an ongoing women in transition group. I’ve led Macy work and other things. I’ve also been involved in permaculture design, beekeeping, breeding milking sheep, and so on.

For some reason, New Zealand didn’t take up the idea of a formal weekend of training. I was involved in one such event. However I’ve led and co-led all sorts of sessions on parts of the training process. in Lower Hutt, they call me ‘flame-holder’ because I hold the vision of what Transition Towns can be.

I’m deeply interested in the paradigm shift we need, of values and attitudes, inner and outer: a shift away from dominator culture to partnership (Riane Eisler’s words). I believe that’s at the basis of Transition Towns.

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