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Giesbaergske Koleuren Gazette

Last Updated: 366 days ago
‘Giesbaergske Koleuren Gazette’ is a voluntary, independant and intercultural project which leans, with the thrimonthly publication, on two pillars: the first is an intercultural pillar to go and interview people of all cultures and nationalities who came to live in our city Geraardsbergen (south of Flanders, Belgium) and the second is to (help) spread a (zen)buddhist message, by interviewing buddhist teachers and communities. ‘Giesbaergske Koleuren Gazette’ is free readible on the website

Me and my wife Nele started the project on 1st of January 2012; since that day we keep publishing a Gazette every three monts.  Eight other volunteers joined us in the project; so the team counts ten people, men and women, of every age, class and culture.

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