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Goettingen im Wandel

Last Updated: 591 days ago

Our first public viewing of Transition Town Film was a great success – more than 40 people filled the room. After the viewing people talked to each other about the film and there personal feelings.

Many people put their names on our lists and we decided to meet again on Mai 26 for a workshop.

The local radio asked for an interview and produced a short feature on Transition Town. Just visit our homepage to listen to it (of course in german).

After Summer holidays 3 of us joined the Training for Transition in Bielefeld. Our core-team get together and we organized the apple celebration on Oct 10. From little childs up to 70 year old people we came together on a meadow with a large apple tree and some other nearby to pick apples, make juice from them and to prepare apple slices for drying. Just look at the video on our blog. Some small events for reskilling were created on that day.

The weeks in October und November we were involved in organizing the German Transition Conference in Hanover. Inspired from the weekend and the classes about action-learning and dragon dreaming we are just on the way to create a common dream project and bring the project to life. Our primary themes actually are urban gardening, urban agriculture und community gardening.

We took part in the sustainability award organized by the dm Drogerie Maerkte (founded by Goetz Werner) und the German UNESCO Committee. Our project “Goettingen sows future” were nominated for the chain store in Goettingen-Weende. On January 22 we presented the Project – giving away some seeds (cress and sow flower) and an invitation for the next screening of the transition film. We explained our aims and doings and got a lot agreement and votes. Early in February we received the announcement that we won not only the voting in that chain store but we are also one of 10 projects which where nominated for the special price.

From February 11. to 25. there is a voting on Ideen Initiative Zukunft. This is a great chance to promoted the transition movement and we will be glad if we will receive support also from the international transition movement.





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