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Zaida Amaral

Languages: English, Español, Português
Topics: Inner Transition, Transition Launch, Transition Talk
Countries: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, United Kingdom, United States
Regions: Any. In reality I can go wherever I can speak english, spanish or portuguese.

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Zaida Amaral is an urbanist and environmentalist architect with a focus on personal and community sustainability. She is a catalyst for Transition Towns, trainer for the Transition Network, facilitating trainings in Brazil and the United States. She currently co-facilitates online Transition trainings with HUB Brasileiro and is a contributing member of the Spirit Hub / Inner Transiton Circle. She was a facilitator and contributor to the Gaia Education-Design for Sustainability certification. She is certified in Ecovillage Design by the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland. Principal of Resonance Design, as a consultant for energetic resonance (Feng Shui) and Indian (Vasto Shastra) spaces, for individual, organisations, and intentional community leaders, uniting sustainability and personal / spiritual development.
She launched the UN-certified Gaia Education curriculum in the United States in 2007 (, in collaboration with the University of New Mexico. In 2005, she co-founded Ecovila Cunha, a rural ecovillage in Brazil, and is a catalyst/coordinator and resident of Espaço Flor das Águas, a community dedicated to self-knowledge and sustainability, in Cunha/SP, where she lives with her husband and the daughter since 2012. As a personal complement, she is a practitioner and instructor of yoga in the community, dedicated to the spirituality path committed to raising human and planetary consciousness.

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