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Last Updated: 48 days ago
Okonstituerad (en grupp av individer)
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Transition Town MInami Aso is located in actually in the Aso Caldera,one of the largest Caldera in the world with 3 cities,towns,villages. In the center Mt.Aso is located and Shira kawa river runs in the middle of the area providing excelllent pure water.

The core members of Transition Minami-Aso gathered after 3.11 2011 Fukushima nuclear plant explosion. The members came maily from Tokyo Kanagawa area,(Kanto region) seeking for safe place for their children and living besides the wilderness.

We have our local currency called Caldera and some of the memebers are building their houses by themsleves including renewable energy and food.

We are planning to make this area a sustainable area that people can visit and see and experience like green tourism tour from nation wide as well as world wide.

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