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Last Updated: 455 days ago

After an initial “mulling and looking-for-others” phase in 2010 enough people with keen interest met for an initial foundation meeting of TT Freiburg in January 2011. The pace of meetings quickened as more people became attracted and joined the initiators. Since March 2011 TT Freiburg regularly holds two meetings a months – one for newcomers and one active members. Until now TT Freiburg consists of the co-ordination group and four subgroups which are Fair Economy, Heart & Soul, Guerilla Gardening and Public Relations. In addition, we have established close links to other local organisations active in the field of community supported agriculture, renewable energies and deep ecology.

In May 2011 all seriously interested members of TT Freiburg participated the fantastic Training for Transition hosted by TT Freiburg in the famous Vauban ecodevelopment quarter. Since the training further activities included public events such as movie screenings (“Voices of the Transition“, “In Transition 1.0“) and presentations (“The Great Transformation” written by the scientific advisory board for global environmental issues of the German Government). The pinnacle of our first six months in existance was a visit of two members of our group at the Annual Transition Town Conference in Liverpool, UK.

Currently we are preparing for the second six-months cycle of TT Freiburg, which will focus on strategic and organisational capacity building and strengthening of group activities. In August, TT Freiburg hosted a workshop together with TT France at the European Network Academy for social movements in Freiburg. For autumn, it is planned to organise further movie screenings, engage in project development work and participate in a project organised by the local city council. The formation of further sub-groups is envisaged (e.g. on education, re-skilling, TT festival) and it is planned to strengthen networking with other local groups and residents.

(this text is from 2011 …)

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