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Hub: Réseau Transition Suisse romande

Official Hub

Founded in 2019, the Réseau Transition Suisse Romande is an association whose purpose is to inspire, help and support the inner and outer transition of human beings in Switzerland to bring about a world that is connected, fair and respectful of life on Earth – in connection with the stakeholders of the Transition, including the Transition Network. Our actions aim to empower people so that they can work on concrete projects to build a sustainable and resilient society in their neighbourhoods and communities.

The principles of the Transition movement, permaculture and resilient systems – such as positive vision, diversity and inclusiveness – inspire and guide our actions. As a Swiss hub, we are happy to join the Transition Network and, through our training courses and gatherings, to share and spread the thousands of citizen experiments from all around the world. We are also a player in the implementation of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.


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