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Sophy Banks

Languages: English
Topics: Inner Transition, Other, Transition Launch
Countries: United Kingdom
Regions: South, London

Your trainer/facilitator bio

I have been designing and facilitating group processes relating to transformation and transition for more than 20 years. I have worked as a therapist, engineer, family constellator, radical footballer, grief tender as well as 10 years working for Transition locally and internationally.
I co-founded Transition Training with Naresh Giangrande in 2007 and delivered workshops to introduce Transition to many groups around the world, including running 11 “Training for Trainers”.
My strengths are
– the ability to share profound understandings of the cultural systems human beings create
– designing and facilitating spaces which are playful, creative, embodied, profound, and inspiring as well as intellectually informative and robust.
– years of experience in groups working for change in different settings, including working on systems of power and oppression
Since leaving Transition in 2016 I have focused on holding spaces for grief, seeing that cultures that cannot listen to, make meaning of and respond to pain tend to create systems of harm and domination. I have developed these ideas about into what I now call “Healthy Human Culture”.
I am most interested in supporting groups to understand the psychogical structures which underpin the cultures we create, including the exploration of how dynamics of harm are always present, and how we can be skilful in working with this reality.
The wider landscape has changed significantly since 2006, we need more than ever to understand the nervous system responses and deep frames which shape our capacity to be effective, or not, both individually and collectively.

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