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Hub: Japan

Official Hub

Transition Japan was launched in June 2008 with the aim of starting the Transition Movement, which began in England, in Japan. We went on to establish various kinds of foundations, for example, by producing explanatory materials designed for Japan, holding explanatory meetings and training events, translating guidelines, and publicising information online. In June 2009 we received the status of a Non-Profit Organisation.

As a result, Transition Towns began in three areas of Japan: Fujino, Hayama and Koganei. Two years after the launch of Transition Japan, in July 2010, there were fifteen Transition Towns in Japan. Then, with the opportunity afforded by the end of the original committee’s term, and a new committee’s election, we moved from the stage of foundation-building to a new stage of organisation.

Now, Transition Japan, which is centred on the committee (formed of the leaders of regional Transition Towns) and the staff of the working groups, is engaging with various activities, in order to support the network of people involved in Transition, and further encourage and develop its presence in Japan.




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